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I don’t post often because I’m fairly sure what I have to say isn’t all that ground-breaking. 

I guess I don’t post also because I’m busy.  Plus Plus Plus.  There is always an excuse.

I do love to write but I don’t do it nearly enough.  It’s only when there is time.  And there is never enough time.

I have a business that is constantly changing and evolving; children entering the ‘teens and otherwise challenging periods; a partner who is incredibly busy himself.  We have a gentle beast of a dog who needs a good run every few days, and an 18-year old cat in the twilight of her life and for whom I’m trying to spoil the crap out of in these last few years.  

I’m occupied with these commitments.  Friends are casualties, except for the most resilient.  When I find time to write, I don’t want to mess it up because I want to be perfect.  And so I don’t often write.

I’m messy and completely imperfect. 


Home Sweet Home

This was my first full weekend off at home since May.  

I was so excited - had no real plans other than looking forward to how the “others” lived - enjoying a weekend, a Friday night sleep free from thoughts about the upcoming event and a Saturday where pyjamas are worn after 9pm (ok: maybe 8pm).

This Saturday saw a quick stop for mediocre coffee and muffin en route to my daughter’s volleyball tournament with 6-year old son in tow.  5 HOURS later, it finally ended (those benches aren’t comfy).  

One hour later, took said 6 year old to hockey practice.  Sat in cold arena and watched little tykes flail on the ice (well, that part is kind of amusing).

I started to wonder if my time is better spent on a Saturday with amazing company and working towards an event for clients with whom I'm so excited to be a part of their big day.  Watching others be active isn’t my thing; and this day was far from self-indulgent, which I thought I had earned.

However, a stop at the store after hockey practice found us with a whole chicken, potatoes, veggies, not to mention the lemon, herbs and various condiments at the ready in our fridge.  And in that hour+ my kids and husband commented on the wonderful smells and excitement for dinner. 

I putted about the kitchen, and I was totally happy.  


Happy Second

Happy Birthday!

We are two years old this month, this Stir baby.  And it’s been a ride.

We’ve been pretty busy - product and media launches, fundraisers, private parties, intimate events, things called “galas” (love galas!) and crazy big weddings and intimate small ones.  We’ve expanded and learned and adapted to this mad path of starting a new business.  

A lot has been learned.

Though I’m confident in what I do, taking a bow for an event is a painful exercise.  Not because I’m shy, exactly.   Fact is, I know the truth of the matter:  Being successful is not due to any one thing I do.  And it’s simply not fair to take the credit.

Working an event in the thick of things, where we cater 12 straight weddings in a row amongst a few weekday events, take a weekend, and then cater that many more is like being a part of magic.  It’s far from rote, every event is so different, but often subtly so, where it can make your head spin (a group hates rosemary one week, the next loves it the following week - Do NOT get that mixed up)! 

I’ve surrounded myself with amazing people. There are so many people in my midst and on the roster that do things better than I could ever dream.

Stir bartenders, servers and kitchen support: they inspire people to love this company - they built this thing, staying until the wee morning, taking care of guests and venues, caring about all aspects of each event.

I have a husband that loves me even when I'm distracted and in the thick of it  and he takes on whatever role is required at the moment, despite his own challenging career.  He is to thank for my website and for the half credit of our children (I’m not absent - I get the other half).  I try to get him to tweet, but he’s all about having me learn these fan dangled things.

I have a retired accountant dad who insists I learn the business part of it all, and he won’t do it for me.  I’d rather he would, but I appreciate that he doesn’t.

This is my take-away from 2015:  Surround yourself with people that do things better than you, and focus on what you do best.



Stir Catering & Event Management, 2013.