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All A-Twitter

I don’t really “get” Twitter.

Having said that, I recently enjoyed a day where the Twittersphere liked me.

Me? My inclination is to personally email these people and thank them for their support and kind words.  I'm curious about them - I want to know where they come from and why they are attracted to the tweets that be and how they built the relationships around them. They all seem to have these personas of Amazing, and I stand in school-girl awe.

I also know, much like Stir, that there are individuals behind these handles.  Stir and me, we separate at certain points.  Stir is slick.  I’m a little more…edgy, unfinished. 

I understand, Twitter-wise, we are supposed to respond on a public forum.  To me, it’s like addressing the cool kid from across the room, waving, and when that person waves back, I am now connected. Am I cool now too?  Or is it simply a nod to similarities?  I was fascinated with the excitement of it – but it felt weird too. 

I am probably over-thinking this, as I am so inclined.  People talked about Stir, and they liked my work.  And I was happy with that; it was a good day.  So don’t get me wrong: I've benefited from the power of Twitter.  

Although I really enjoy people, I'm actually somewhat of a private person (peppered with enthusiastic bouts of over-shares).  This public display of thanking strangers and receiving support from people I don't actually know isn't at all instinctual on my part.  

I suppose it will take some time getting used to, this fan-dangled Twitter thing.  



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