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L & C

Quite often when we build a menu for a client, especially wedding couples, they share with us their favourite things, food-wise.  Sometimes it is an actual food, ingredient or meal, and other times it is a “feeling”.  Recently we were encouraged to reflect where the couple became engaged.  L knew exactly what they wanted the menu to be.  

I share with you a recipe so right that my children were miffed to realize that they were only privy to a sample.  L & C, I will be making this again and again, and think of you and your lovely, lovely family every single time. 



 Maui Ribs

Flexibly borrowed from and inspired from Azeka’s, a shop that sold them in Kihei

 3 lbs short ribs (flanken; not the thick ones)

½ c. tamari (gluten-free, preferred). Or soy sauce if gluten isn’t an issue.

¼ c. sesame oil

3 tbsp brown sugar

2 green onions, sliced thin

2 tsp minced garlic

2 tsp minced ginger

 Combine all in non-reactive pan and marinate for 3 days.  Turn them every so often.

 Grill over medium heat until caramelized – w/ lid closed: 2-3 min each side. Open: 5 per side.

 Garnish w/ chopped green onion.

 And if you are L & C, serve w/ green papaya slaw, green beans, aged cheddar mash, some jerk chicken and cornbread w/ honey’d butter.  Serve all at once on big, long tables.  Be sure to finish with pie and to dance under the stars.


Stir Catering & Event Management, 2013.