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Bidding Adieu

This summer has been busy.  One beyond expectation.

 I’ve personally stood beside a great friend getting married to an a.m.a.z.i.n.g guy.  Carla Alexander ( : only a guy as incredible as Pascal can stand solidly next to my gorgeous friend of 10+ years. 

Stir also has been a part of the most important of days, providing food and service to amazing, lovely, and truly loved couples. 

 My final emails to these couples are bittersweet.  Much like the wrapping up of summer,  I understand the frantic dance of wasps and flies in August (O.M.G it’s about to END)!! 

And now it’s time to fall into cold-weather pattern.  Pull up the socks, say goodbye. 

We don’t cease our communication with a couple until after the wedding and this is, in reflection, perhaps to prolong the relationship we’ve built.  I’ve stifled sniffles in a final phone call or two (probably why I prefer email).  I could probably be called a hugger.

 I love our couples. We attract the very best, kindest, the most creative.  They trust us, they place their dreams with us.  I deeply hope that we have left everyone with the dream that they dreamt.

 Much love and the warmest of hugs, 


Stir Catering & Event Management, 2013.