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Breathing Room

I've been reading a bit more than usual these days.  

I love books, but I'm not the sort of person that always has one on the go - my personality is far too obsessive.  When I'm into a book, I can remain in pajamas far past an acceptable hour, procrastinating even the most regular of daily duties in order to get to the end. 

The book I'm into now is called The Happiness Project.  I'm not sure what I was expecting.  I've been reading a fair amount of autobiographies lately, and thought it would be both light and enlightening (much like The Year of Living Biblically).  It is, but it's also almost self-help'ish, a genre that I really don't bother with (that's what my 20's were for, until a self-deprecating sense of humour came along to save me).

I'm early into the book, the point at which the author is examining Growth.  It touches on fear of failure (which has pretty much always been my guiding light) and working smarter (with a busy, young family and a caterer's schedule we rarely co-exist harmoniously without some purposeful measures).

It addresses stress: I often joke that unless I'm feeling nauseous from nerves before a big event, the reason for my stress becomes that I'm not stressed.  My best work has always been performed under intense pressure.  In the moment, it's a terrible feeling, and I've often sworn (literally) that the level of stress is not normal for a human being to healthfully endure.  But the post-glow of a great event makes these feelings quickly forgotten.

And so it should be with all of us, no?  Stress means growth.  So when we are in the thick of things, we should strive to remember that this is us moving forward and putting on the best show.  Where would any of us be without the feeling of “holy ----“.?


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