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Home Sweet Home

This was my first full weekend off at home since May.  

I was so excited - had no real plans other than looking forward to how the “others” lived - enjoying a weekend, a Friday night sleep free from thoughts about the upcoming event and a Saturday where pyjamas are worn after 9pm (ok: maybe 8pm).

This Saturday saw a quick stop for mediocre coffee and muffin en route to my daughter’s volleyball tournament with 6-year old son in tow.  5 HOURS later, it finally ended (those benches aren’t comfy).  

One hour later, took said 6 year old to hockey practice.  Sat in cold arena and watched little tykes flail on the ice (well, that part is kind of amusing).

I started to wonder if my time is better spent on a Saturday with amazing company and working towards an event for clients with whom I'm so excited to be a part of their big day.  Watching others be active isn’t my thing; and this day was far from self-indulgent, which I thought I had earned.

However, a stop at the store after hockey practice found us with a whole chicken, potatoes, veggies, not to mention the lemon, herbs and various condiments at the ready in our fridge.  And in that hour+ my kids and husband commented on the wonderful smells and excitement for dinner. 

I putted about the kitchen, and I was totally happy.  


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