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I don’t post often because I’m fairly sure what I have to say isn’t all that ground-breaking. 

I guess I don’t post also because I’m busy.  Plus Plus Plus.  There is always an excuse.

I do love to write but I don’t do it nearly enough.  It’s only when there is time.  And there is never enough time.

I have a business that is constantly changing and evolving; children entering the ‘teens and otherwise challenging periods; a partner who is incredibly busy himself.  We have a gentle beast of a dog who needs a good run every few days, and an 18-year old cat in the twilight of her life and for whom I’m trying to spoil the crap out of in these last few years.  

I’m occupied with these commitments.  Friends are casualties, except for the most resilient.  When I find time to write, I don’t want to mess it up because I want to be perfect.  And so I don’t often write.

I’m messy and completely imperfect. 


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